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Restaurant reviews come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone can write a review in today’s message board and blogging environment. Reviews and popularity rankings change every day. If you are interested in reading what others have written, we provide the links that follow.

Trip Advisor



OBX Eats

Seaside Vacations hosts a popular OBX blog with a section called OBX Eats. Thanks for the kudos Colleen! Check out what she had to say.

Outer Banks Connection

The Outer Banks Connection is one of the most popular and widely used message boards covering anything “OBX related.” Blue Moon Beach Grill thanks all members of the Outer Banks Connection for their strong support.

Urban Spoon

Urban Spoon has an ever changing popularity ranking of 100 restaurants in North Carolina.

Local Bloggers

Local bloggers have passion and strong opinions. We include this blog entry because it was our first posted review when we opened in February, 2009.

Virginia Pilot

The Virginia Pilot wrote this review in April, 2009.

Capt. Aaron Kelly and the Rock Solid

If you know light tackle fishing on the Outer Banks, you know that Capt. Aaron Kelly is absolutely the best. Capt. Kelly and Chef Scott go back a decade or so, back to their days at Owens Restaurant. Capt. Kelly endorsed the Blue Moon Beach Grill via his blog, when we opened in February. We at Blue Moon Beach Grill thank Aaron and say that if you are going fishing, fish with the best. Capt. Aaron Kelly and the Rock Solid are by far the best on the beach. Click here to visit Rock Solid.